Brahm is a Sanskrit word and it means the Supreme Being or the Creator. The Brahmon is the term used for the finest substance or the ultimate building block of the creation. Brahmon is the absolute, both point and whole in itself and always remains in the state of perfect equilibrium and harmonious balance.Vibrations: Everything […]

The Last Star

by admin

Putting out the stars and extinguishing the sun.–”Fahrenheit 451,” Ray BradburyThe first stars were born very long ago, probably when our almost 14-billion-year-old Universe was less than a billion years old. The brilliantly incandescent baby stars illuminated what was once a dismal, dark and murky scene, setting fire to the young Universe with their wonderful […]

Once you understand what your world is truly, only then you start to understand its true behavior and nature. You then change your view of it. And with your changed perception, you change your creation of it thereby changing your physical reality. This is the first step to wealth.Every single quantum physicist will agree on […]

When we look around us, we see our home, our computer, other gadgets, grass, birds, other human beings, tables, chairs, jungles, soil, clouds, lakes and so on. We see and encounter innumerable creations in our life. Some of them are sold, some liquid and some gases. Some give us comfort while some such as acids […]

Chemistry is the study of matter and the changes that it undergoes. Since all matter consists of atoms, it is important that you understand the atom and its components especially the electron.Why the electron? Because the electron configuration determines how an element will behave in chemical bonding and chemical reactions. So if you understand the […]